Friday, July 10, 2009

Nathan's day

We started the day with pancakes on the special birthday plate and a candle. Then we headed to the free movie at the theater - it was "Space Chimps" - which is pretty funny!

Then it was lunch at Del Taco - to eat and play on the toys. Then a late nap. By the time he woke up it was almost dinner time, so Teresa and Nathan played trains and bubbles outside while they waited for dinner.

After dinner was gifts and cake. You should see him rip through those gifts. His big gift was a sand box. And at 7am this morning he was asking me to help him get dressed so he could go play. So him and I put our jackets on and we've been playing in the sand box :)

I should note that Jonathan, Ty and I worked very hard to get those pavers(under the sand box) put in before Thurs. They look great!


Mommy with Crayons said...

Wow! Great party! And great cake!

Jen said...

The cake looks great. And I miss those train days, ahh, memories.

Jo said...

Jen, I knew you'd appreciate the train. I was thinking about you guys as we were doing it.