Monday, July 27, 2009

More Funny Boy!

I have to start by saying Nathan has croup again - which I found out is the same as an adult having laryngitis, where your voice box is inflamed. Anyway, it makes for a nasty sounding cough and a very cute raspy voice.

Okay, so last night he called me back into his room after he'd been put to bed and said his "O O-Ah Ah" was a afraid of the dark. I responded with a question to verify what he was saying.
Me: "Your monkey is afraid of the dark?"

Nathan: "Yes, That one!" (pointing to Curious George on the wall). "He needs the light on"

Me: "No, he'll be okay, you have a Ho-Ho light to help you be less afraid" (The ho ho light is a night light with Santa on it)

He was content and went to sleep. He has some strange demands and often many of them, but he's usually easy to please. Even if he's still sad about it, I get a cute "okay, mommy!"

**I have to make another note He has recently turned 3, which means the last 6 months were the terrible 2's. There were plenty of cute things, but they rarely outweighed the bad :( Just a part of being 2. But he's much better now :)
He has little things that he says, that make us laugh and we've started using them in a teasing way. When he doesn't like something, he says. " I like that, AT ALL!" Then when something happens more than once he was saying it happened "2 time, got it!" But just recently that changed to "5,4,6" . So he might say, The fly bug me 5,4,6. We keep telling him he should say 4,5,6, or 6,5,4. But he likes 5,4,6. He can count to 10 the right way, Oh except 10 is 4. We'll let him have that one for a little longer :)

1 more funny one - it was just a few days ago. I was turning the kitchen light off and he got upset and said the light needed to be on. I had to ask why, he said because the food would be sad. (Of course, what was I thinking)

And a sweet one. I asked him for a hug and as he hugged me he said that hugs make him happy - ahh! He has started telling people he loves them randomly. Oh along the love line...if I have to take something from him or stop him from doing something, he'll say - But I lub it! It happened when he was playing with Ian, I told him he couldn't play with him because he was being mean, and his reply was " But I lub him"

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Jen said...

Sooo cute, what great memories. Whenever we ask Amber a question that has a number answer, like how old are you, she says, "4,8,9" Aren't they fun!