Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Week

Recap the week -

Jonathan had serious food poisoning Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wednesday evening Teresa's abdomen started hurting really bad. She was curled up on the floor crying.(it had been hurting since Monday, but not very bad). She missed school Thurs and Fri because of it. It's Sat and she is feeling better now. She saw the doctor and they are running a few tests to see if we can see what keeps causing this pain. He suspects IBS, or some sort of allergy.

Thursday Nathan starts complaining that his tummy hurts. He even said he "...needed to throw up, but it wouldn't come." Friday it gets worse, so bad he was crying and begging me to take him to his doctor :( That afternoon he does get sick a few times.
He is such a good sick boy. No messes to clean up with him.

Anyway, here he is being so sad and sick on the kitchen rug. He kind of went around the house doing this, he'd come into a room and lay down.

I'm giving him a drink with a straw - he was thirsty.

He's doing a little better this morning, he says his tummy still hurts, but he's not just laying around.

All 3 seeming to be unrelated.


llcall said... sounds like a tough week on all counts! i'm glad you stayed healthy and i hope the others keep improving.

Scott and Stacy said...

Hey Jolene, Have you had the 'talk' with Teresa yet? Teryn would get weird tummy aches for 3-4 days once a month for about 6 months before she actually 'started'. Seams like it's harder for this generation of girls and their changes. Kalie is starting the whole tummy hurt for a few days each month now too. She just turned 11. This is just a thought I had as soon as I read your post.
Hope everyone gets better quick and I hope you're not next!

Mommy with Crayons said...

That's so strange that it's unrelated. I bet it's not in at least 2 of the cases, but take care! That's awful.

Jo said...

Okay, so Elizabeth might be right. now Teresa is very ill. Wish me luck! I do NOT want a turn at this