Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Nathan post

While at the doctors yesterday Nathan asked me what this was (he took the picture above, btw). I gave the usual answers, could be this, could be that. His response "no, they're making more clouds"
(At first I thought he said cows ) Then he asked why they were making more clouds.

I have to post of few of the pictures he took. He's actually pretty good at taking pictures. He turns the camera and steps up and back depending on what he wants to capture(he can't zoom).

He really likes to set the camer on the floor or table to get a picture
He liked the colors of the floor, he was actually swinging the camera to get the lens cap in the picture.

He would poke his head out the door and squat down to get pictures

He took a picture of the garbage can under the sink, but then he liked it with just one door open


llcall said...

i'm really impressed with nathan's photography skills! he is a natural.

Jen said...

Budding photographer?

Heather said...

must be taking after his mother :)