Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fantastic Afternoon!

We had a fantastic afternoon. Jonathan and I dropped the kids off at my folks and then went shopping for my birthday present - this gorgeous guitar! I am SO excited! Had a delicious lunch(grilled burrito at Que Pasa - but we really went for the chips and salsa) and bought a few small things at the mall. It was awesome! I told him this is the way to do a birthday.
So, I've already had a really great birthday and it isn't until Wed :D
For those curious, it's a Black Cordoba C5, nylon, 6 string guitar.

I must have played for almost 2 hours today and my fingers hurt, but it's a good thing :) Oh, and don't expect to hear anything recognizable any time soon. I have a lot to learn.


Mommy with Crayons said...

I'm constantly surprised to learn that we have so much in common. I really need to move back to town so we can get together. I have a guitar and dvds and books to learn, but I haven't stuck with it yet. Too bad we can't take a class together. I could be your guitar buddy, and artsy buddy, and cake tester buddy. Just kidding on that last one, but YOU GO! Girl! and have a fantabulous birthday!

Mommy with Crayons said...

'Surprised' wasn't the right word. I think 'excited' is more appropriate.

Jo said...

Thanks!!! I'd love a buddy for all of that - ad workout buddy too.

llcall said...

sounds like you know the right way to celebrate birthdays--a week or two at a time, none of this one day stuff :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Jen said...

How fun! I love the picture too. Sorry to hear that you guys were sick. How not fun.