Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I have a lot of pictures from this day too. But I'm just going to post a few.

First we took the kids to Dennis the Menace Park - Nathan was SO excited, I don't think he stopped running the whole time.

Playing on an old engine, and posing on a crazy bridge

Jonathan and Nathan heading to run across the bridge, and Teresa and Nathan running across the bridge

One of the many crazy slides

After the park we went to fisherman's wharf, walked around and had lunch. Then we had to check in for our whale watching trip(3 hour trip). We all had a great time for the first 45 minutes or so. It was like a rollercoaster. The swells were 10-20 feet high, it was crazy. The captain would stop the engines so we could feel the huge swells. Which was fine for the first 1/2 of the trip.
(I love these two pictures)
We found thousands of dolphins - 3 different kinds. In order to see them they stopped the engines, so the boat was going up and down A LOT. Which made for some very sea sick people. None of us were feeling our best at that point.
Nathan was either sleeping or just out of it the rest of the trip. Jonathan held him most of the time. He thought he was going to get sick so he came and stood by me, but he did okay. Teresa wasn't so lucky, she joined those depositing into the ocean. But she was good after that, and the trip was almost over. I couldn't sit down, I had to watch the ocean the whole time, or my head and tummy would feel bad.

We did get to see 3 whales, but they were really hard to photograph. They didn't come out of the water very much.

Oh we saw lots of sea lions pulling out of the docks.

It was fun, for the most part. We won't be going again, we've been twice and we're good ;)

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~Elizabeth said...

Oh bummer about getting sick on the boat. And what's with the whales? Didn't they get the memo about you coming to see them?!

Orenda said...

I LOVE the slides! I wanna go :)

llcall said...

oh, i love monterey! you guys really know how to have some fun times!!