Friday, April 2, 2010


Tuesday we had a yummy breakfast that James and Amanda made for us and then headed to CALM. We hadn't spent much time with James and Amanda in the past few months. It was really nice, and a perfect day for it.

This little tortuise was movin'

Feeding the goats and sheep

Aw! The black bear has it's arm around the brown bear

Grandma took Nathan and Teresa on the train - CHOO - CHOO!

**Check out what we did on Monday**


Jen said...

Caught up on your spring fun. Looks like they've updated CALM a lot since I've been there. I love that Teresa and Nathan are in matching colors, not on pupose I'm sure, but makes for great pics.

mnlop said...

What a great spring break! All we've done so far is watch the snow, hail, and wind. How good are you guys at convincing John to take us all on a road trip, say, to California? :)

Jo said...

CALM has changed a lot. They are now an official zoo. They were building a new exhibit too.

Emily, we would LOVE to see you guys. I can't believe you had snow. That's no way to bring in spring