Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Now that the week is over and Teresa is back in school (which we're not happy about that), I figured I should post at least a few pictures of our trip to Monterey. We had a nice time. The drive there was pretty(I posted 2 pictures on my photo blog).

Our first stop was the Monterey Bay Aquarium
This is a huge tank with lots of different creatures

Here you can touch different things -star fish, sea cucumbers, hermit crabs, etc.. They both loved this, although at one point Nathan was more interested in the metal filters that stuck out of the water.

This is the deep sea tank. That big blur is a huge tuna that kept zipping by getting faster and faster

(I have tons of pictures of all the cool creatures. I'll be putting them in a photo book when I have more time. I'll try and post a link to it when I'm done)

After the aquarium we went to dinner - the thing that instigated our trip to Monterey - Bubba Gumps. We were able to get a table quickly and enjoyed our food - Buckets of boat trash and Mahi Mahi - all very yummy!

After dinner we went into the candy store there on Cannery Row- lots of fun stuff there. Then off to the hotel. The kids didn't know it, but we had a full day ahead of is the next day.
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Jen said...

Fun stuff. We went to the aquarium in Baltimore this weekend, hopefully I'll get pics up soon.