Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another trip to the beach

We took a little trip to Oxnard Beach again. Can't get enough! It was cold and overcast at first. As the day progressed the sun poked out here and there. We didn't stay as long as we usually do, but we were getting too cold, and everyone was ready to go home.

Ryan did great for his first trip to the beach. He reminded me of Nathan when he first went, fascinated by the sand.

Ty and the boys built a nice castle, and then he let them destroy it. Then he buried them both Ian and Nathan in sand.

Teresa did a great job with her castle too. I helped her a little with the mote, but not much. I was being a sissy and pretty much stayed cozy ;) We didn't realize until we saw this picture that her castle looked like a smiley face upside down.

Nathan didn't let the cold stop him

At first both Ian and Nathan would cling to Ty when the waves came.

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