Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lil' Update

Ayda and Evie came to play one morning. Ayda was too busy to sit still. Nathan wanted to help and hold Evie. Teresa wanted to help too, she was much more of a help than Nathan.

Look at that happy baby!

Nathan has been to 4 swim lessons. The first one he was screaming, he was so afraid to get in where he couldn't touch. He was genuinely frightened, clinging to the instructor. We were at a swim party earlier this summer and he just jumped in. Then later he fell in, so he was a little apprehensive about going in this time. We worked on it a little at the hotel pool while on vacation. It took a lot of time and coaxing for him to let me take him in the deeper part where he couldn't touch. So when we got back I took him again and he was AMAZING, the difference was so drastic. His instructor was perfect with him, first they played and then they eased their way in. I was so proud of Nathan. Since then he's been 2 more times and done well, he looks forward to swim class. Whew! What a relief!

Here is Nathan on his new scooter, it's a little hot to get out and ride too often. But he has a good time when we do

(Oh, and those of you who know Nathan, notice, he has a short sleeve shirt and shorts on - Up until his birthday he would only wear pants and long sleeve shirts. But since he got new clothes for his birthday he has been much more willing to wear the shorts)

Here's a cake I did this weekend for a friend. She emailed me Friday needing a cake for Sunday, she had planned to do it herself, but ran out of time. It's so hard to plan birthday parties AND do the cake. Anyway, I was so excited to do it, had fun making it and I love it!

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Anonymous said...

THat's a cute pic of Evie smiling. i was trying to catch one of those when we saw them this weekend, but no luck! You have a magic touch, I guess.