Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Nathan turned 4! My loving, ferocious little boy. I know those two words are a little contradictory. But that's Nathan right now. He has a lot of love to offer and can be very gentle. But there's also a little monster in there.
We didn't have his party at the house this year. But it's become tradition to wake up to decorations. So here are his jungle/Diego decorations.
He had to find 4 of Diego's backpacks around the house


Another tradition - breakfast of choice on the birthday plate with candles to blow out. Pancakes and eggs.

Teresa wanted Nathan to have a present in the morning. Here he is with the huge dog she bought him. Nathan was sure the dogs name was on the tag, so his name is Circo(Target brand).

Here is his Diego Safari cake

We had his party at a place called "The Wild". All he wanted was an inflatable, but since his birthday is in July, it's just too hot outside. This place has 3 huge inflatables - inside, plus some smaller slides and toys for babies. He had a great time, for the first hour, he was non-stop. A blurr if you tried to get a photo.

Blowing out his candles

Opening presents(He's been saving his money to buy Buzz Lightyear, it was his birthday wish to get Buzz, from Grandma and Grandpa Sproul) ------Playing on the slide

Eating dinner with family and friends

After the party we came home and he played with all his cool stuff for awhile. It was a good birthday!

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llcall said...

I'm finally getting through all my blogs in my Google Reader, and I've gotta say, you had a crazy amount of events in a short period of time! Birthdays, reunions, vacations...oh my!