Friday, October 29, 2010


These are our Jack-o-lanterns we carved a few nights ago. The little one is mine, then Nathan's -He drew on paper what he wanted and I transferred it to a pumpkin. He chose this pumpkin himself and said he wanted it to be an angry pumpkin. The next is the pumpkin from our garden that Jonathan carved and then Teresa's cute little Jill-o-Lantern with a bow and eyelashes. She did it all herself.

It was fun, and didn't take very long. Then I roasted the pumpkin seeds - Yum! Poor Teresa can't eat them, she was so sad. She just got her full set of braces on Monday, so now she has to be more careful with what she eats. Plus, right now she's still a little sore. Getting brackets on her back teeth, mean sore cheeks.


Anonymous said...

Man, I still remember the pain of getting spacers and brackets put in. Poor Teresa!

Jo said...

So it's not something you forget?! I can hope she at least appreciates that we paid for it ;)