Friday, October 22, 2010

I don't have a title

What have you been up to this week?

Nathan finished his witch picture for a contest at grandpa's work

He also started a new gym class, he was moved up to boys level one. They do big boy things - he loves it! Last week they did the rings, this week they did the horse - I'll post some video after a few weeks, so you can see the cool stuff.

We did "M" for Monster - cute huh?! A Michael's thing

Oh and we went to story/music time with Ms. Lynn at Russo's
We have a fun weekend planned too :)
I don't have any pictures, so I'll just tell you what Teresa did this week. Her first quarter of 7th grade ended this week. She might have straight A's, she's worked hard. They've done some fun stuff. This week she had her first real essay due and a book report. I should add fitness testing at school, she talked about it a lot, not looking forward to the push-ups. And news of their first dance at school - a Halloween one. Should be fun! On Monday's Teresa watched Ayda and Evie, when she's happy. She really likes doing it. And it gives her some money to be responsible with, she pays for her own texting. We started a new paper mache projects today, but no peeking ;) Oh and both the kids costumes are done :)

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