Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend getaway

The kids stayed at my parents house while Jonathan and I went away for the weekend(THANK YOU!!!!) It was perfect. We stopped in Fresno and toured the underground gardens there (the pictures are all on my photo blog).

It was pretty amazing, a great story and really cool tunnels with beautiful arches and plants. After that we headed to Bass Lake, we had a chalet for the night. Before we checked in we went on a walk along the lake, found a creek and explored. The lake is really low right now.

After we checked in and relaxed a little we decided to explore the creek again, just further up where there was supposed to be some falls. Since the water level was so low we didn't see big falls, but lots of small falls, which was so beautiful. We stayed until the sun started setting. After which we visited the little market for breakfast food and then headed to a restaurant for some clam chowder - YUM! That and a salad, it was perfect! The next morning we were able to sleep until almost 9am, the blackout curtains worked wonders ;) After check out we browsed the little shops, then headed home with a few detours to see things. We ended our wonderful weekend with a very delicious meal at Tahoe Joe's. Really, our weekend didn't end until yesterday(Monday). Jonathan had it off and we spent the day shopping and relaxing.


llcall said...

The photos on your other blog are so beautiful. I'll have to add this to my list to check out someday. Weekend getaways rock!!

Jo said...

Thanks! It's too bad weekend getaways are so hard to come by. We try to get one with just the two of us in once a year.