Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Tree

I love that our Christmas tree has history.


This is for Jen, and anyone else who would like to know about the ornaments. The first one is from my aunt Nedra, in 1981. I believe is was one of the first ornaments she gave me. She gave all the kids ornaments for many years. The second is from Cambria , CA - the first time we visited there. The BABY wagon was Teresa's first ornament. The Disneyland was from my mom the year we went to Disneyland as a family in 2003. The little Raggedy Ann is one I made for Teresa in 2000 - it's the year I started giving ornaments to all my neices and nephew, just like my aunt did. But back then there were only 5 kids, now there are almost 22. The Mrs Claus was another one from my aunt. I believe one of my brothers got a Santa - I have a lot of cool ornaments from my aunt, some from foreign places. The last is Nathan's first onrament. I have one from Mexico, and Hawaii. And my mom gives us one, that sums up something about the past year. We have a little gingerbread house one for the year we bought a house. It's just full of memories and history, and I really love it.

And here is our latest addition - we took the family to Disneyland yesterday. More on that in another post. I will just say this. The day was Perfect, absolutely perfect!


Jen said...

Okay, I can guess the last one because it says Nathan's 1st, but what are the others from? I love this idea as a post, I have a similar one planned, stay tuned.

Jen said...

Thanks, I thought I recognized the Raggedy Ann, although ours was a bear, they are still similar. My girl's favorite ornaments are ones you gave them. And I love our seashell ones from Hawaii, right?

Jo said...

Thanks! Yes, the shells are from Hawaii. I used formula cans to pack them in the suitcases so they would make it home in one piece :)I probably won't be going very mnay exotic places. I do love to make the ornaments.