Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving in St. George

We went to St. George, UT for Thanksgiving this year. There have been many a Thanksgivings spent in St. George as a family. This year the family reunion was scheduled to be the next day. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, most of the extended family couldn't make it. My family, my folks and all my brothers, plus my Aunt Nedra and cousin Michael. It was nice, we had a good time.

The kids made turkey napkin holders for the meal, while the cooking was being done.
They all came out very cute!

Some of the kids got really into it.
Theo - the youngest, made the most

Dixie Salad, an old tradition
(I don't know why the pic didn't turn)

Grandma's Rolls. This was one of my assignments. Grandma always made a zillion delicious rolls. I learned a few tricks from my Aunt Nedra to make them more like grandma's used to be.

Green Beans

The stuffing (I just loved all the fun dishes)

Some of the family. We managed to get all 21
people seated at tables in the same room

Teresa loves the turkey skin, so she
grabbed a leg once she was done with her plate

Theo did the same thing

A little Foosball. There was a lot of ping pong happening too

Plenty of pretending and playing together. With 9 boys, it was an adventure downstairs

A little quiet time with Grandpa (Theo)

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n.sproul said...

These pictures made me smile. Such a good time!