Sunday, June 26, 2011

Guess Who's 13?

Teresa had her 13th birthday Friday. Boy what a day! We always start the special day with breakfast on the special birthday plate. It's usually pancakes, Teresa wanted hers with strawberry syrup. Yum! Oh, and a candle to make a morning wish.

After breakfast she got her Psych fix. Her and Nathan are watching season one again. I worked on her birthday cake for that night. For lunch we met Jonathan at Sequoia Sandwich Shop, so yummy! And the weather wasn't bad, we enjoyed our lunch outside. There was just enough time for me to finish the cake before we had to get to the movies, we went to the discount theater to see Rango (I wouldn't recommend it, but we had a good time anyway)  Then back to the house for dinner of potatoes and hot dogs, something we have once a year, usually on her birthday. I love that she knows what she wants.
We invited the family over for cake and ice cream that evening.

The invitation

The cake

I made a bunch of these tissue paper flowers to hang around the house

Make a wish!

Opening the gift from Nathan, a cell phone kitty charm and a carrying case


Jen said...

I love love love that cake! Did I mention how much I love the cake?

Jo said...

Thanks! :D