Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bowling Birthday Party!

Saturday Teresa and some friends went bowling for her birthday. Not many were able to come, but they had a really good time.

The invitations
I had one we were going to make, but they
 gave us these cool pinsSo we just added the ball
with more info on the back, tied with a ribbon

The bowling balls
Teresa bowling. This was only the second time she'd been bowling

Nathan bowled most of the game with a ramp,
But here he is after he rolled it himself.
He was very proud, and bowled the rest like this, granny style

Teresa has this cool bowling pin
that her friends signed for her

The table was all set up for us

Cute little party hats Teresa chose for her and her friends

The gang

I let them go at it with forks

Lots of good laughs. Teresa said she hasn't laughed that hard in awhile

The cake when they were done with it

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Jen said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun, how exciting for Teresa, this new stage of life.