Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Shower

Sunday was Serina's baby shower. You know how sometimes things just fall into place and work out? This was one of those rare times. Thanks to her sister-in-law for doing the games, the shower was really nice. I've been sick, so doing games, decorations and food would have been way to much to handle. Serina got some really great stuff for their baby girl.
I used the Carter Baby Girl Shower as my theme

These are the party favors I made.

I loved these fruit kabobs I found here. Teresa helped out a lot with these

Measuring her belly for a game. We had lots of fun games, some I'd never played.

Michelle made her a lot of cute hats, bows and a blanket
We couldn't resist giving her a few outfits, they're just so cute!
 I loved this reusable bag too. I always say I'm going to gift with these, but never remember.

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Serina said...

The shower turned out so great, I knew it would though =). Thank you so much.