Thursday, August 11, 2011


We went camping up the Kern Canyon last week, camped right by the river. It was our first camping adventure as a family. Both the kids have had to deal with motion sickness, Teresa out grew it years ago (we won't count the whale watching trip). We thought Nathan was good, but he didn't do so well on the way back, but that wasn't even bad, we go prepared (small sand bucket with a grocery back in it works wonders). Now that a week has passed, I think I can say we had a good time, and we just might do it again some day. Honestly, I don't see what people like about sleeping in a tent. I'm all for a wienie roast and the marshmallow roast(no, not s'mores - I don't like those), love the hiking and relaxing in the fresh, cool mountain air, the camp fire(minus the stench when you return home), star gazing at night... but the sleeping in a tent - BAH! Give me a cabin!

The view from Alta Sierra

No, they aren't photo shopped in, I used flash

Playing by the river. Teresa made little "fishing" poles

You can see the river behind the tent

Nathan is quite the marshmallow roaster, he does it rotisserie style, resulting in perfection.


Orenda said...

Sleeping in a tent is the best part...ask the kids :P We're going this weekend to McGill (Frazier Park) if you guys want to come too, there's suppose to be a meteor shower

Jo said...

Thanks, but we're busy this weekend. The kids loved sleeping in the tent. I'll think of you guys while I'm sleeping in my comfy bed.

Jen said...

I loved the photoshop comment, all our pics at the grand canyon and the Grand Tetons look that way and I'm like, no really, we were there. Glad you survived. BTW, I think the smell when you get back is one of the best parts, I'm always saying they should bottle it like perfume. To each his own I guess. Oh, and camp cots are the way to go when sleeping in a tent, they are a lifesaver.