Saturday, August 20, 2011

End of Summer 2011

This being the weekend before school starts, I count summer as officially over. Am I sad? No, not really, we had a fun filled summer, sure it went by quick, but there's nothing wrong with that. The year will probably fly by too. That's okay, as long as we keep progressing.

Here are a few pictures of the end of our summer

Some park time

Spray park (the bucket in the background, dumps water, it's very cool)

A very fun and successful outlet trip to Tulare (just the girls)

Nathan met his teacher yesterday, we are very excited. He is part of a 2 year kindergarten program that was started this year. There is only one class at the moment and in our district. So we lucked out. We were holding Nathan a year since he barely turned 5 in July. I've been around the schools enough to know it's to their advantage to be the older, rather than the younger. Then this came along and was perfect for Nathan. The program will be all over CA next year, what's happening is the entrance date is moving from Dec 2nd, to Sept 1st over the next 3 years. Moving one month a year, so next year the date will be Nov 1st. All I can say is, FINALLY! What's embarrassing is, CA is one of only 4 states who hadn't figured out the date was too late in the year, but now we've come to our senses and are fixing it. We are thrilled to be part of the pilot class. Nathan is so excited!

Playing on the Kindergarten playground

And of course, a new haircut. Nathan got one too, but it's just the same, I asked him if he wanted it different, and he said -"NEVER!"

Teresa didn't get to meet her teacher, but she found out she has Algebra first period with most of her friends, so that's fun. Teresa has also been rehearsing for Les Mis for the last 3 weeks, every night. Tonight they have a little rewards ceremony for Junior theater, she'll perform in that tonight with a group.

And that ends our summer, we are looking forward to a fun year ahead of us.


Jen said...

You'll have to keep us posted how the kindergarten is working. How exciting. So, he'll be in it for two years? Tell Teresa her haircut it really cute, or is she old enough that she wants to be called beautiful now?

Jo said...

The program has the transition k that he's in this year, and then he'll do Kindergarten at his home school next year. Luckily, the school he's at now isn't far. Teresa doesn't mind cute