Friday, August 26, 2011

How's school?

It's great!

Nathan has been a little tired when he gets home, but it doesn't take long before he perks up and talks non-stop. The first day, I think it took him a few hours to tell me about school, bits and pieces of information were given at random intervals, it was pretty cute. Second day he was off and running, knew exactly where to go, he's a pro now. He was very excited to have had 5 birthdays in his class this week. Which makes sense, this class is for those kids who would have been held another year, so their birthdays will all be summer and fall. He told me they had to look and listen, and that was hard. He likes to talk, but he said he's trying hard to listen. They have some fun songs they're learning. I can't wait to get in the class to help, then I'll be able to make sense of half the stuff he talks about. He's really loving it!

Nathan also started soccer. I'm not sure which one he was more excited about, school or soccer. Monday he said, "I guess I'm really excited about school AND soccer" He has a lot of energy. They played some fun games to introduce them to soccer. He practices twice a week. They have their first game on Sept. 11th. Should be a fun season. Crazy busy too, which leads us to...

Teresa! She has been rehearsing for Les Mis the last 3 weeks, this week we got the schedule for her practices - Whew Busy! Basically every Sat for several hours and once or twice a week. Both Soccer and the play end at the end of October, then we'll take a breather and get ready for Christmas :)

Teresa is really loving school so far. She got some of the teachers she wanted. Her and Hannah don't have many classes together, but she says, who cares, it doesn't change anything, and she's right. Her Math teacher really seems to have it together, which is awesome! She's taking HS Algebra 1 this year, they have to pass with an 85% or higher to get the recommendation for Geometry next year. Something to reach for. Her Language arts teacher she got to know really well last year because he directed Suessical, so that's fun for her. She's really excited for this year. She loves the sound of the choir with the boys in it. Last year she was in the girls choir. A lot of fun stuff going on, it's eighth grade! I imagine this year will go by fast for her(and us), she was amazed at how fast 7th grade went by.

We're very proud of both of them!


Debbie Pasquini said...

Hi, Jolene.

I am glad to hear that Nathan and Teresa both like school. I can't believe how tall he looks in the pictures. Tell them I said hi.


Jen said...

So glad things are going well. I still can't believe she's in 8th grade, she just doesn't seem that much older than Jared, but I guess it's the whole cut off thing.