Saturday, May 5, 2012

Edible Book Fair time

Teresa and a few of her friends(Hannah, Alex and Theresa) did the edible book fair again at school. They chose to do The Lorax this year. They did a great job!. The cakes are part of a silent auction at Open House - their cake brought in $25 and won 1st place for best interpretation - which earns them a pizza party.

You can see she's wearing a Beauty and the Beast shirt - they performed "Be Our Guest" for us that night, as a teaser to the show that they will perform at the end of the month. It was cute!

We've been crazy busy the last few weeks and it's not going to get better until - well, who knows, maybe well into June. Once this play is over they'll start right into another(Willy Wonka Jr. performed July13th and  14th). Nathan starts T-ball next week  - which should be fun, but he has swim and gym still as well. Summer school will start the first week in June for Teresa. But it's okay, because once all of this calms down, we'll have about 2 weeks until we go on a really great vacation to DC/Virginia. We are super excited for that trip, so being busy will make the time fly and get us on vacation sooner ;)

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