Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We've been busy - Part 2

Choir Concert
Teresa had her last choir concert with Freedom Middle School and Mrs. Panelli. They did a great job, and best of all, had a great time.

The video isn't great, but it shows you how much fun they had.
These kids were hamming it up, having a great time while they sand a medley of Beetles songs.
I should mention that these kids did a flash mob during school last week of Rumor. They did it for us, and it was pretty good.

This week the Middle school put on Beauty and the Beast


Jen said...

Are you going to post pics of Beauty and the Beast? We'd love to see them and way to go on choir Teresa!

Jo said...

Yes, I will try and get some shots of Beauty and the Beast. If nothing else I'll get the kids in costume.