Monday, February 3, 2014

Family Cruise - Thursday

Thursday was our most anticipated day. We stopped in Roatan Isle, Honduras. This is the spot that sparked the interest to take this cruise in the first place. And it did not disappoint. We had a private driver the whole day, Lany. He took us everywhere and waited while we did our stuff. We also had a private snorkel tour. It was amazing! We booked the excursion through Victor Bodden tours.

The sunrise from the ship before we got off

There was a sunken ship in the harbor

A view of Mahogany Bay from the ship. There were a bunch of little shops

First stop - to see and hold the monkey's. This is Dexter

And Tom and Jerry

They were SO cute!

Getting ready to snorkel

It was incredible! We were so close to the reef and coral. You can see
the water is darker in some spots, that's where the reef was really close
to the surface.

Nathan had a little trouble at first, he thought the water was cold,
but was soon off swimming with the guide.

Time to swim and relax on the beach

Roatan is just a long thin island.

Back at the ship we had some pizza and ice cream.
This is the result of Nathan getting Teresa ice cream

View from our balcony


Jen said...

I love the monkeys, what fun! No pics from the snorkeling? I bet it was amazing, glad Nathan warmed up to it.

Jo said...

We had underwater cameras for the snorkeling. I still need to get those developed. If some come out I will be sure and post those later. I'm afraid I'll have to send the camera's out to get developed.