Sunday, February 2, 2014

Family Cruise - Tuesday

Our first port of call was Cozumel, Mexico. We booked an excursion through carnival to swim in an underground river. First we had to take a boat to Playa del Carmen.

We walked through the jungle to the opening of the cave

A true Shaman blessed us and the cave.
The Mayan's considered this sacred ground and they still respect that today

The cave was beautiful. The water was 30 feet in some spots.
There were cat fish and little guppies swimming with us

Nathan had a hard time at first because he thought the water was cold.
But by the time we were done with the tour and able to free swim he was ahead of me

There were a lot of bats flying around as well.

After our cave swim we all went to 5th Avenue to shop

Then to the beach for a short time before we had to get back on the boat

Guy's burgers for dinner

Teresa is on our balcony

Nathan and I played chess

Jonathan and the kids went swimming in the evening. I was a little too cold

The Lido deck at night


Jen said...

Ok, landed at Cozumel, then took a ferry to Playa del Carmen? So, the cenote (cave) was on the mainland? And were the beach and shopping in Playa del Carmen as well, or did you spend any time on Cozumel island? It looks like everyone was having a great time.

Jo said...

Yes, everything we did was on the mainland. We spent a little bit of time looking at shops on Cozumel. We'd love to go back and snorkel or learn to scuba dive ;)Experience Cozumel