Monday, February 3, 2014

Family Cruise - Wednesday

Our next port of call was in Belize. Here we had  booked an excursion that would take us on a bus tour, and then up a river to the Lamani Mayan ruins.

Waiting for the tour bus(the green bracelet is from the ship,
all kids under 12 were required to wear one. They were in case
of an emergency the crew would know where he belonged, in muster C)

Teresa bought some bracelets from Belize

So green and beautiful

An Iguana

A spider monkey

Little bats

We slowed a lot to look at things, but for the most part we were going pretty fast

Iguana, coleslaw and rice and beans(made with coconut milk) for lunch

The hike was beautiful

This first one was a replica, the old one started to crumble so they built around it.

The kids climbed half way. I had aggravated a tendon in my foot,
so I played it safe and took pictures from the bottom

Jonathan went to the top
A view from the top

You can tell we were going fast by Nathan's hair. He
loved sticking his hand in the water and getting us all wet


A visit to the candy store on the ship

Dinner in the dining room again


Jen said...

You ate iguana! What did the poor creature ever do to you? The posts keep getting better and better, I feel like I can smell it and feel the warmth. Love the vines on the trees. And go Jonathan! Impressive hike to the top. Oh, and I love Teresa evading the selfie!

Jo said...

It tasted like chicken, in fact Jonathan and Nathan thought it was until later.(hehe) Thanks for taking the time to look at our pictures, you make reliving it a lot of fun ;)