Friday, November 14, 2008

Funny Boy!

Don't you just love that smile!

I love this kid, and for so many reasons, but I'm just going to share a few recent moments that made me laugh. I was just emptying the dishwasher and Nathan comes running in, and starts handing me each dish, as if it were just the thing to do (he does help with dishes quite often). So then when the last dish was gone he closed the door and ran back to continue what he was doing before. Very matter of fact!

A few weekends ago we were having french toast with powdered sugar(yum!). First, I have to tell you he refuses to call it sugar, it's all salt. So naturally powdered sugar is Ho-Ho salt to him (it does look like snow). Yes Ho-Ho, like what Santa says. Anything that has to do with Christmas is Ho-Ho, or Ho-Ho guy - even Christmas lights. I'm not sure how he knows all that is Christmas, but he does.

That's something else I love, he doesn't call things by their name, like dog, or bear, or dinosaur. He used the sound he thinks they make. For example a Dino is a Roar, along with anything else that might growl or be scary, Santa is a Ho-Ho, Dogs are good, he calls them Ha-Ha's. He never did bark for a dog sound, he panted for a dog, which sounds like ha-ha to him. Monkey's are Ah -Ah's (oo-00-ah-ah). It's great! He has words for kitty and cow and sheep, so he understands the idea. But he likes it his way(me too)

He was a little obsessed with cows for awhile, I'd ask him what song he'd want to sing and he'd say cow. Hum, I was having to make up songs with cows, like , The cow went over the mountain, and Where oh where is my cow. So now, he's obsessed with Ho-Ho guys. I've had to pull out the Christmas stuffed toys to appease him and we're singing Christmas songs at nap and bedtime. Of course, when he asks I can't think of very many Christmas songs, especially ones that talk about santa.

But I love it!

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