Saturday, November 1, 2008


What a great day! Jonathan took 1/2 day off which is always nice. After I picked up Teresa we went to my dad's work. They REALLY get into it, it's fun. Teresa's friend Brandie tagged along with us. We went to school for a Trunk-or-Treat and then hooked up with Ty, Michelle, Ian, Sean and Serina and hit a little of the neighborhood. Jonathan took the girls out for a little more, just the 3 of them. Most of us were done walking around.

So here are a few pictures from our fabulous halloween.

Ahoy, Mate!

Ian and Nathan (Michelle has some cute pictures of their camo family on her blog)

Teresa and Brandie

This is my dad

And this is just a small part of his office. Each floor chooses a them. His was
Carn-evil. It was well done


Anonymous said...

your family looks so great! so fun to see parents dressing up with the kids. i especially love jonathan's "hair!"

love, lindsay

Jen said...

Okay, we saw a lot of pirates this year, but honestly, you guys are the best ones. Great costumes! Did you make them?

Jo said...

Thanks!We just bought our costumes at the party store, they had awesome deals several weeks ago, so we took advantage.