Wednesday, November 19, 2008

School Picture 2008

This is Teresa's 5th grade school picture. So cute!

She's growing up quick. She is quite a character. You should hear the stories she has in her head. She wants to be an author/illustrator when she grows up. She must have 10 stories . And they're not wimpy stories either. The latest is a ghost story(one her her favorite genre's right now). We've written some of them down, but there's so many. She might get the chance to create some of them at school. Her teacher wants to get them doing creative writing.

She's a good little piano player, and has a nice voice. She was so excited yesterday because she was switched to the high part in choir because they needed more sound. I love that she is confident enough to do these things. Her Oral Language piece is coming along great too. She'll perform that next Tues(25th). I'm so proud of her for doing it. It's fun watching her experience all these new things and watching her grow, the good and the bad. I know, we dread the bad stuff, but she's so amazing how she handles things. She seems to have a mature outlook on things. Don't get me wrong, she can be as cooky and crazy as the next guy. She's fun to be with and we love to just talk and talk about everything from fun to serious. It's great!

I know, I'm gushing over her, I was just going to post her cute school pic, but I got carried away :)

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