Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gym Class/Softball game

Nathan has been going to gym class for 11 or 12 weeks now. He is LOVING it! The trampoline, the balancing boards, the bars, the pit, everything! I took a few pictures today and a video.

I left the fall in there, because it's so Nathan, he tumbled off and climbed right back on(he wasn't hurt). He's usually pretty good on the bars. Toward the end he does a flip on the bars by himself, but I only caught the tail end, then he claps for himself.

This morning was also the 6th graders vs. Staff Softball game at Teresa's school

Go 6th Graders! ------------------------Teresa and Hannah

Mr Durbin, the principal at bat -----The rest of the school sat and cheered. At first they were cheering for the staff, but then some 6th graders got them to cheer for them.

The staff won - but Teresa said they cheated


~Elizabeth said...

So does Nathan go to The Little Gym? I think we need to find one in Bakersfield.

Jo said...

He goes to American Kids Sports center. Teresa went here when she was younger too(just wasn't her thing) before that she went to a place at the East Hills Mall for dance and gymnastics(All Star Gymnastics)

llcall said...

This video was so cute! Though Neal watched it with me and was a little disturbed about where Nathan went when he jumped down and disappeared at the end of video :)

Jo said...

I should clear that up Linds, it's a pit full of foam blocks. It's the best part of the whole place :)

Dad aka Evan aka Uncle said...

Definitely olympic material.