Sunday, June 6, 2010

We Love the Beach!

Michelle suggested we sneak away to the beach. Saturday was the only day both families had free until the end of July. First we stopped at our usual beach, Ventura, but it was SO crowded. Some event was going on, so Ty and Michelle suggested we drive a little south to Oxnard. Turned out to be a great idea! The sun didn't come out, and it was a little cold, but we didn't care much. We had a great time anyway.

This is the life
Teresa was trying to fly her kite, it just didn't get windy enough. Next time!

Some cute ones of Luke

Ty's castle, and the boys sitting on what's left of Ty's castle. At one point they were completely surrounded by water on their little castle remnant isle.

Michelle had this great idea to put our camera's on burst and timer to see if we could get a shot of all of us playing wave tag. It was fun, and we got some good shots. She has a picture on her blog too.


Hansen Household said...

What a fun time, we love the beach too.

Jo said...

We all need to go together next time we have a chance