Monday, June 21, 2010

Kern County Musuem Fun!

They had a special event at the Kern County Museum on Thursday, so we dug in our "summer fun fund" (which includes change we find, a $20 we found, and recycle money) and had some fun. A lot of different vendors and businesses were there with things to give the kids and some games. It was nice, the kids had a lot of fun, and the weather wasn't too bad. Here are some pictures from our day.
Nathan and Teresa outside the museum
Sporting their visors they made

They had a super old oil pump - press a button and it moves
The Blaze and the Condors were there with the mascots

The Police department had a boat to climb on and lots of water safety goodies
And of course, there was a bounce house

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Anonymous said...

Summer fun fund...that's a cool idea!! The beach sounds fantastic too (and free :)