Thursday, August 30, 2012

School Update

This is what we saw when we picked up the kids yesterday. Isn't he the cutest Clifford you've ever seen?!

Nathan is loving school! He's had a hard time going the last few days because allergies are making him stuffy. But a little medicine and he's good to go. He's made some new friends. Last year there were only 6 girls in his class, this year is the opposite, there are only 7 boys. Nathan has two very wiggly teeth. He'll be singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" for sure. At home he's working hard on his numbers, he loves to do math. He couldn't grasp that 100+100 was 200 though. It sort of blew his mind. It was pretty cute, the other day Nathan asked Teresa to tell him all the spanish words and then say them "humanly". He even gave her an example "adios amigos" means Good-bye friends. Nathan is excited to be "reading". He has a ways to go before he can read the books all on his own, but the confidence is there now. He read me a story the other night with a very small amount of help.

Teresa is suffering with allergies too, but beraing through it. Today they didn't start school until after 9am, she loved sleeping in a little. Then her and I had breakfast together after the guys had left. It was nice! Things are still moving along smoothly. They dressed out for the first time on Tuesday and today they will dress out and actually start P.E. She tells us all the new spanish words she's learned and has been inspired by her Enlgish class/teacher to start writing a book she has had in her head since 4th grade. She's always singing or humming her choir songs. She's loving it! She's the only Soprano 1 freshman, and she's felt a little out of place, but she's been able to make some friends already. Biology - she doesn't like the teacher and the class is a bit challenging. But she's glad to have only one teacher she doesn't like, and only one glass that she has to work extra hard in.

This weekend we're off to a family reunion in Anaheim and then a visit to the beach.

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