Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Vacation Day 8, 9 and 10

Tuesday we packed everything up said and both families headed to Williamsburg, VA.
First, here are some pictures of their yard and house. OH! I have to mention the first night we were there I saw my first every lightening bugs. Very Cool!

It was a long drive, but we stopped for lunch at Macado's and made it there about 5pm.


It's blurry, but proof I saw a cardinal.

Wednesday morning we drove to Virginia Beach, VA

It reminded me a lot of San Diego beaches. Very crowded, lots of buildings and warmer water. This was warmer water than San Diego, but also warmer temperatures as well.

I got lots of Seth cuddles
 Thursday we made a breakfast stop at Krispy Kremes(YUM!) And then on to the airport. The Norfolk airport was so nice. Small and Manageable, but the people were nice. One TSA guy greeted Nathan and game him some wings. Another was playing with him, wondering where his donuts were. We had a delay there, but still managed to get our connecting flight in DC to LAX. We flew there with Frontier and were very impressed. We flew home with United and ended  up a little disapointed. They just need to upgrade their planes a little.

We had a great time and loved coming home. We let vacation extend into the weekend at home too with some relaxing

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