Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Vacation Day 3

Thursday morning we had another full day planned. First, The National Zoo. Everyone chose a spot they really wanted to go while in DC and Nathan's was the zoo. He enjoyed it, but I wouldn't recommend it(at all)

It was a very hot and humid day - so frozen yogurt for lunch sounded good

To get around DC we were using the Metro system. To get to the zoo you had to go up the hugest escalator I've ever seen. I was saying it was like 3 escalators in one. It was seriously impressive.(Teresa took a picture, but her camera decided to vacation a little longer in VA- it should be back soon)
Painted Panda

From inside the Metro
After the zoo we had the National Museum of American History and the Natural History museum on the agenda.

The original Muppets

Pardon the blur, but it shows a huge doll house

These are a few from the Natural History Museum

The Hope Diamond

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llcall said...

I'm glad Nathan enjoyed the zoo, but yeah, I agree. I only went there once during the whole 4 years I spent there. Not worth it when you've got access to San Diego zoo.