Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Vacation Day 6 and 7

Sunday we slept! We had been going and going - we were sore and tired. In the afternoon the Mattson's took us to Mabry Mill.

The cousins

Mabry Mill

Some good old fashioned  music

Monday we had a lot of fun hiking

The cousins at the Pond

The beaver lodge
We were hoping to see turtles sunbathing on the logs, but it was raining. Teresa spotted this one on the edge of the pond, and Jonathan grabbed it out so everyone could see it. It was a beautiful turtle

It was beautiful - Think Rain Forest, and to add to that it had rained
Nathan fell off a rock and into some stinging nettle.
Luckily I had packed the cortizone cream because we had mesquito  bites from the day before.
I smeared him in the stuff and by the time we got to the falls it was better

Cascade Falls

Swimming after a 2 mile hike to Cascade Falls 

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mnlop said...

What a gorgeous place!