Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TUESDAY(Spring Break)

Tuesday was filled with a lot of little fun things. Jonathan has the whole week off, so we're vacationing at home the rest of the week ( I highly recommend it)

We flew kites. Mostly Teresa flew her kite, Nathan's didn't want to get up there. It didn't help that the wind died down.

We had some AWESOME pizza from a new pizzeria.

The biggest part of the day was when Teresa got her braces. It's just the top four teeth for now.
I think she looks very cute. She was very excited to get them.

After that we went on a 5 mile bike ride. We rode to Ty and Michelle's house and then back. It was a big deal, considering it was only our 3rd bike ride.

After that we opened a coconut, I know, sounds weird. But we had some from the luau and Teresa wanted to crack it open.

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ColorfulJacksons said...

HOLY Schamole! that's a big pizza. Great angle! Poor thing got braces on her vacation. She's going to hurt all week. But, yes, very cute.