Monday, April 20, 2009

Teresa's Art Class

My parents gave Teresa 4 art classes for Christmas. She has been to 3 of them already. She is having so much fun, she love, love, loves it. I thought I'd share her 3 pieces she's done so far.
The cat is from her first class. It's a 2 hour class, so they can get a lot done.
Here is a fox she sketched from her second class
This last class she did a little lamb

She has always loved to draw and create. I remember in Kindergarten we had to convince her that coloring a pre-printed picture was still art, she prefered to create her own picture.
I'll post more as the weeks go on, she's decided to continue in the class for now, unfortunately we had to put a hold on piano lessons. Maybe I can sneek a few in from me this summer :)


Colorful Jacksons said...

Very good, Teresa! Are those chalks or crayons or oil pastels? You have a good eye! Keep it up.

Serina said...

Those are so good! Very impressive.

Jen said...

Very good pictures! What a great gift to have art classes.