Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SUNDAY(Spring Break)

(the pictures are going to be small, I just have too many :) You can click on them to view them larger)
Sunday we packed our bags and headed to Morro Bay.
On our way we stopped at a quaint little town to have lunch at a little park.

Once in Morro Bay we headed to a place we had been before, hoping for tide pools, but there wasn't much to see. So we decided to hike up and around the cliffs there in Montono de Oro (Camp KEEP). It was a nice view and lots of wild flowers.

We drove along the coast back to Morro Bay and checked in to our Hotel (Blue Sail Inn). This is a view from our window, it was very nice.

There was still lots of daylight left so we drove out to Morro Rock and saw sand, lots of sand to play in. So we took our shoes off and walked the beach a little. The water was freezing!

The kids played. Nathan and his Spider-man bucket.

Teresa is building a tiny sandcastle . She also found lots of Sea Anemonies.

Back to the hotel to clean up! Nathan ended up practically naked on the way back, he was way too dirty to get in the truck. Our hotel was just a block up from Embacadero so we walked to a grill for some dinner, then down a few stores to see the Lynx, the sails weren't up, but it was still impressive. Then we stopped for frozen yogurt on the way back to the hotel. It was a perfect day!

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ColorfulJacksons said...

Ahhhh. My favorite place in the whole world! Did you eat at the Hoffbrau? Best roast beef ever!