Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MONDAY(Spring Break)

Monday we had a nice breakfast and then packed up and checked out of the hotel.

The kids shared a bed

We were heading back to Morro Rock, but on the other side. We saw a huge Sea Otter, but I didn't get a picture.

After we wandered and played there we drove back to Embarcadero to see the little aquarium they have there. It's very small ($2 to get in) but they had tons of different kinds of fish, plus 2 harbor seals. Well worth the $2!

Teresa and I did a little shopping before we left Morro Bay. Then we headed to Pismo. The idea was to hit the beach and look for sand dollars and then have some clam chowder at Splash.

We found some caves to explore, but the tide was coming in, so we couldn't stay long. Between Jonathan and Teresa they found 3 whole sand dollars.

It was nice, the weather was beautiful. For some reason Nathan was almost afraid of the water at Pismo. I think it might have been because it was so loud, with the cliffs behind us it seemed to be louder.

The Splash thing didn't work out. We were way too hungry to wait in the line that went around the block. So we found a little pizza place, nothing spectacular (almost yucky) but the place was cool and we still enjoyed ourselves.

They were being so cute while Teresa and I ordered
After lunch we stopped and got frozen yogurt and walked on the pier. We were freezing so that was short lived. We were ready to go home. It was a perfect little vacation, and both kids slept on the way home :)


Serina said...

Thats too bad about Splash, it's so good. We'll have to plan a trip sometime this summer so you can try it.

Chuck said...

Too bad you missed Splash, it is well worth the wait if you have the time. There is a second location in San Luis Obispo as well. Of course, it's not on a cool little street in Pismo Beach, but same great food.