Wednesday, April 1, 2009

School Carinval

We had Teresa's school carnival on Friday. I can't say a whole lot about it, I was running around making sure things were taken care of most of the time. But the kids had a good time. I started having fun about 45 minutes into it. We had a rocky start, but for the most part a huge success.
blue with yellow polk-a-dots
Red with a blue stripe in the back
Nathan is getting a kitty, I an was there too, he got an ice cream cone painted on his face
Yum, Food! They had cotton candy later


Orenda said...

We had alot of fun...thanks for inviting us

Jen said...

Are you glad it's over? And no, Clarissa's b-day did not change how I feel about parties. I was so stressed that I went to bed at 6pm that evening and missed church the next day to stay in bed. At least I don't have to do another one until September!