Monday, December 29, 2008

Fun Christmas!

We had a great Christmas!

We had Christmas Eve dinner at my house with homemade chili and potato cheese soup in bread bowls. I think it's becoming a tradition, one I like. My folks came over, and we had dinner and the kids opened their Christmas Eve gifts.

The kids made cookies earlier in the day

This year they had 3 gifts, usually it's just PJ's and a book, but this year I made them jammies and then bought them the Build-a-Bear moosen(plus they got Christmas books). Grandma and Grandpa gave them their ornaments and a Christmas book, which we listend to on CD.

(do you like our mini tree?!)

Then we had pie that my mom brought. Then it was time for bed
(Oh, Teresa's American Girl got matching jammies too)
I let them sleep in the same bed. My brother and I used to do it when we were little and it was always fun. So we gave it a try. Nathan has a futon, so they slept in his room. This is then sleeping, they actaully fell asleep.

I have some pictures of me playing Santa, but there's no need to post those.

The kids woke us up about 6:30am, but too bad. We were done opening by 7:30 and they were playing. They each got a computer game, so they were on the computers for awhile. It was nice
and relaxing morning.
But it wasn't over...we went to my folks for breakfast. Coffee cake and eggs - yum!
I don't have any pictures, I guess I was having too much fun. I'll get some from my mom and post them later. We all got some really great stuff from my parents. And they got Guitar Hero for the Wii, so we played that and Wii Music, and Teresa's topple game. It was a great day. Then my mom made a delicious ham and potatoes dinner.

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