Monday, December 15, 2008

Our week, Tis' the Season!

We had a fun Christmas week. Tuesday was Teresa's Piano Recital. They all did a great job.

Then Thursday was Teresa's choir concert. I don't have any pictures. They did a great job, then we came back to the house for homemade apple pie, it was so good (if I do say so myself ;)

Saturday was Jonathan's company Christmas party. They always throw such a nice party. It was at the Art Museum and catered. The kids spent the night at grandma and grandpa's and made Christmas cookies. I was a able to sleep in, it was so nice. And the kids had a good time.

(That's Sean and Serina in the background)

Sunday Teresa and I spent most of the day baking bread, Pumpkin, Banana Nut and Zucchini chocolate chip. It was fun!
We made 7 plates for Jonathan to take to work for his department. Each plate has 3 types of bread, so we made a total of 11 loaves to fill the plates.

Then 12 mini loaves for friends and teachers. The stars are ornaments. I think I've made a total of 33 of those now. They are what my nieces and nephews will be getting (Sh! Don't tell)

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