Monday, December 8, 2008

Graham Cracker Village (Part 2 of our crazy weekend)

So, Sunday we got together to build our village, play new board games and eat delicious food.

It just gets better and better every year. One of these years I'm going to gather pictures from every village we've done. The very first one was just 3 little houses, I think Teresa was 4yrs old.

I think we've been doing this with Ty and Michelle and Sean and Serina and anyone else around for 5 years

Teresa did her's all by herself, she even had a collapse she had to recover from

This is Nathan's very first graham cracker house. I built it for him and let it set. Then he went to town. (Look, I caught Michelle's cute pregnant belly in the background)

Here is Nathan's finished house

I've said for years I wanted to do a castle. I finally got around to it this year.
So this is my finished castle.

Here is Teresa finished product. The story is there's a rich gummy bear who owns all of it. He built a house and then a sky scraper with a large clock on it(you can't see the clock from this shot)

This is Jonathan's. The idea was to cover the house with as much candy as he could.

Ty and Michelle - and Ian, built a mansion. The random shards of graham cracker in the corner are Ian's contributions. Oh no, I cut off the chimney, there is one, and it has smoke coming out of it.(it's a pretzel with frosting on it)

And here is Serina's cottage. Sean doesn't believe in putting candy on mini houses.

They all look great on a table in my living room


Jen said...

Impressive, as usual, I still remember Ty's airplane from last year. Always cool to see that others can actually make their graham cracker houses stay up.

Jo said...

The trick is the egg whites or meringue powder in the frosting. Doesn't taste the greatest, but dries as hard as a rock

mnlop said...

Wow, you are all great architects!

Sharonda and Zaron said...

Jolene, I love your houses, mansions, and castles. I think we might adopt that idea; it's way easier than the kits. I like how everyone does their own thing too. Totally great!

I checked our some of your older posts. You have a very cute family. I didn't know that your dad did professional choir singing with a tux and all. Tell him I said Hi!