Friday, May 28, 2010

Nathan's turn

I figured I'd post some Nathan stuff in between all the Teresa stuff.
But first I have to mention, today is their honor roll banquet at the Double Tree. Her and Hannah looked so nice this morning. I'll try and get a picture at the banquet.

Both the kids had eye appointments yesterday. This was Nathan's first, he was so funny. He had Teresa and I cracking up. First they did the little eye camera machine with the picture in the distance. The guy asked if he could see the balloon and then the car - and Nathan was concerned the car was going to pop the balloon. Then we went into the exam room. First they did the close up stuff, he couldn't read the very bottom line(I don't know who could). But he would ask Nathan what the pictures were and Nathan just kept saying it was "so tiny". The same thing happened when they did the far away stuff. Nathan would say "Come On" like, you can't really expect me to see that can you? The doctor thought he was so funny. This is not a shy boy!

This is what we hear around our house these days - all day long. Just recently "BINGO" has become an expression. If someone does something cool - he'll say "BINGO!"

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llcall said...

"Come on"...I love it!! Haven't we all wanted to say that to a doctor or dentist at some point ;)