Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It begins...

Teresa has 12 days of school left and 1/2 of those days are fun days. Today was the first of many end of year activities. First she had her choir concert dress rehearsal. They put the concert on for the school. Tonight they'll do it for the parents. They did School House Rock. A teacher so graciously took on the responsibility to provide a musical outlet for the kids, since they couldn't afford to keep the choir teacher. They did a good job, and Teresa had a good time. She's looking forward to having choir again next year in Junior High, the fun thing is, it's the same teacher she had last year. Something familiar in an unfamiliar school :)

Right after that the 6th graders had their International Food Festival. They just completed their country reports and were asked to bring in a dish from their country. They had a lot of food there, Teresa said she was full by the time she was done. Teresa had Scotland, so we made some shortbread (so easy, and SO yummy!)

Here they are setting up
Teresa's cookies
Hannah and her cheese bread from Georgia

Teresa trying her food, Nathan got to taste a few things too

Hannah, Nathan and Teresa - so cute!


n.sproul said...

Makes me cry when you say Junior High!!! FYI, Jim back in hospital...It is a complicated thing he is going through

llcall said...

That is so great that the teacher took the initiative to do that...I hate to hear how much they have cut arts and music in schools!!