Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Honor Roll Banquet

Teresa had her Honor Roll banquet yesterday during school. They hold it at the Double Tree, and invite parents to come for a buffet lunch. They show a slide show of the past years events, the student body Pres gives a speech and the teachers present the kids with certificates for being on the Honor Roll 3 or 4 quarters.

The place looked very nice, with Red White and Blue everywhere.

Teresa looked so pretty. Here she is with her certificate. She got Honor Roll all 4 quarters - come to think of it, she's always been on the honor roll. She's really hoping for straight A's this time, but we've never expected more than the best she can do. A's and B's are perfect in my book.

I used to think this event was overdone, but now that I've been there with my 6th grader, I see that it is a very special event. These kids work hard and really deserve something nice. I'm very proud of them. I think if they stick together, they will be just fine in 7th grade.


n.sproul said...

beautiful girl, darling and very funny boy and a perfect bike ride day with sib and dad and fam! You have a lovely life, dear Jolene, and you workj hard to make it so!

llcall said...

Teresa does look great! Terribly grown up!!!

Jen said...

Wow, her hair looks so blonde in that picture. What fun 6th grade events. I love the toga, I bet she did too.