Monday, May 24, 2010

Island Water Park

Paramount Farming rents the Island Water Park in Fresno for a company picnic. Each employee can bring up to 8 people. Since Sean works there too, we were able to bring Ty and Michelle, and Hannah, and Sean brought his family and his brother-in-laws family. It was a fun day! It started out pretty cold, but in the afternoon it wasn't too bad. On our way home we stopped at Sal's for the best Chile Verde :)
This is the kids area, Nathan is hanging on for dear life, he loved it though.
Hannah on the whale slide, everyone went on it, but the pictures were hard to get since I couldn't see the screen, it was too bright out :)

Here the boys are headed to the big slide - this year Ian and Nathan were tall enough to go on the big slides.
Hannah and Teresa - we were waiting for the girls turn to go on the big slide. We had to trade since Luke was too little

Here Nathan is warming up

Jonathan didn't want to get too much sun

Pictures of Sean, Serina and Ryan

Some pictures and Ty, Michelle, Ian and Luke

Time to go home

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