Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cornball Olympics

Yesterday was Teresa's 6th grade Cornball Olympics. The had 12 "events" to compete in as teams. They all had to wear Greek Chitons or Togas. It was lots of fun. James was kind enough to watch Nathan so I could go help with the events. My event was music recognition, they had to guess 10 songs.

You can click on it, and see it in more detail

Teresa had a very specific idea as to how she wanted her outfit. She was in heaven, this kid loves to dress up. We were told she looked very authentic by her 4th grade teacher and one of the 6th grade teachers. Her team was the red Spartans, so, of course, they won!
I wasn't able to get many pictures, since I was running one of the events. But here is her team doing their cheer(which they won) and the fashion show


n.sproul said...

Sounds like that school has an impressive send off for their 6th graders! I pray for every sixth grader to survive middle school/junior high without permanent damage to their psyche! Stay close Mom; you always know!

Jo said...

I hear ya! The next 2 years will be challenging. That's all I hope for, to get Teresa through Jr High still a confident young lady